15e Salon de Paris Club Lecture by Yukio KORIYAMA, Professor, Ecole Polytechnique “Does majority rule bring happiness to the society? – An overview of the theory of collective decision-making that prevents the tyranny of the majority”」

How should democratic decisions be made in the society? The answer to this question is not obvious, despite the discussions provided by the great philosophers of human history. While many people mistakenly recognize majority rule as a constitutive element of democracy, great thinkers such as Rousseau, Condorcet, the founding Fathers of the United States, Tocqueville and Rawls have developed arguments concerning democratic decision-making and institutional design, in which majority rule is not a necessary condition for democracy.

In this talk, we discuss the scientific methods used in collective decision-making theory. Various ideas have been developed through theoretical and empirical analysis, supported by recent advances in game theory, social choice theory, behavioral economics, experimental economics and institutional design theory. EBPM (Evidence-Based Policy Making) is a method developed in this context and known to have desirable properties in scientific decision-making, providing insights into a wide range of collective decisions, from small-scale everyday decisions to large-scale societal decisions, such as elections.

At the same time, we know from our practical experiences that there are plenty of situations in which it is impossible to make sensible decisions based solely on theories and numbers. Until recently, scientific analysis has struggled to take into account the human aspects of decision-making, such as psychological biases, fairness considerations and feelings of persuasion. We discuss desirable properties of collective decision-making that capture the human aspects of individual behavior, using the latest findings from scientific research.

Date Thursday, July 13, 2023 18:30-20:30 (Reception starts at 18:00)
Venue Citron Gaienmae
Seirin Building 2F
Minami Aoyama 2-27-21 TOKYO 107-0062 JAPAN
・10 mins walk from Omotesando Station (Exit A3 or A4)
・2 mins walk from Gaienmae Station (Exit 1A)
Agenda 18h30 Lecture of Professor Yukio Koriyama followed by Q&A
19h45 Light meal and drink
Language Lecture in English, Q&A in English or Japanese
No of participants upto 30 personns
Participation fee Members of the Paris Club, CCIFJ 5,000 yen, others 7,000 yen
Organised by The Paris Club and co-organised by CCIFJ, LA SOCIETE FRANCO-JAPONAISE DE GESTION
Application Please register by Monday 10 July via the Paris Club’s website. After receiving your application, you will be informed of the bank account for the transfer of the fee. Your place will be guaranteed after the transfer is completed. Please note that a cancellation fee (full participation fee) will be charged from 11 July.



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郡山幸雄氏 Professor at the Department of Economics, Ecole polytechnique, CREST, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, visiting professor at Waseda University.

Yukio KORIYAMA is a researcher/professor at the Department of Economics at Ecole polytechnique. His main research field is collective decision making and voting theory. Using the tools in Game Theory, Social Choice Theory, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, he aims at understanding the properties of social decision making rules and the applying them to the institutional design problems. Recently, he published a book “Collective Decision Making and the EBPM – Preventing the Tyranny of the Majority” from Nikkei Business Publications. Currently working on the analysis of the Participatory Budgeting in collaboration with the City of Paris, and implementation of it in Japanese cities.

パリクラブ 文化委員会 Salon de Paris Club