【Report】 The 3rd “ Salon de Paris Club ”

Mr Gondrand’ s presentation was a big success in transmitting attractiveness of France as a foreign direct investment destination. The presentation covered the following contents:

  1. Role and missions of Business France
  2. Overview of Foreign Investment in France
  3. Factors of Attractiveness
  4. The Perception of France
  5. The Path of Reforms in France
  6. Japanese Investments in France

Business France has 620 employees in France and 900 in global. They work on export from France, foreign direct investment (FDI) in France and promoting France’s investment attractiveness. Japan is the 11th biggest investor in France and the biggest among its Asian competitors. 84% of foreign decision-makers think that France’s industrial base represents an asset over other countries according to Kantor Public, a research institution. Since the Macron administration started, labour market reform has been progressing. Corporate tax will be reduced to 25% by 2022. As for the Franco-Japanese relationships, France is the first destination in the Euro Zone for Japanese investors: 490 investors, 74,000 employees. France is the third biggest investor country in Japan: around 420 subsidiaries, 70,000 employees. Videos on Japanese top management message included Canon, Fujitsu and Toyota Tsusho. The future prediction on FDI to France is therefore very positive.